Affordable Health Medicare supplement plans: What are Your Options?

Affordable Health Medicare supplement plans: What are Your Options?


You can provide yourself and your family medical, dental and vision plans through Progressive Health by eHealth, which is a trusted provider. eHealth is a free help that can give you over 13,000 options from more than 180 carriers. The health coverage you can get is at a reasonable price.


Medicare supplement plans can offer peace. It ensures that your health care costs will be as affordable as possible. It can also protect yourself against financial loss. Just consider this fact: the average visit to the emergency room would cost around $5,000. Without Medicare supplement plans, do you think you can handle such amount? By having a healthcare plan, you can settle the medical bill without difficulty.


As an A+ Better Business Bureau, eHealth offers tools to help you get a better understanding of the plan you wish to obtain. When you purchase a plan through eHealth, it will not cost more than when you buy it directly from the plan’s provider.


Furthermore, eHealth recommends policies that are suitable to your budget and needs. In some states, this free tool can assist you in applying for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) tax credit form the government.


You can use eHealth to find answers about the Affordable Care Act, ways to apply for a government subsidy, the health coverage you need and comparing plan benefits and costs. eHealth can also give you answers to your concerns regarding the best time to enroll and the plans you are eligible for.


eHealth helps you compare plans and premiums in just a few clicks.


Individual Health Policy

It helps in paying you for the overall cost of health care, in case you encounter an illness or suffer an injury. Having an individual health plan will help you pay for a wide variety of healthcare services, like preventative care, medical emergencies and so on. But you need to pay for its monthly premium, as well as its corresponding deductible.


Family Medicare supplement plans

It is like an individual health plan. The only difference is that the coverage will include you, your partner and your children who are 26 years old or younger. You can provide health protection to them under the same plan as yours.


Short Term Health Policy

It is a popular option that you can get through eHealth. A short term plan is quite cheaper than most healthcare policies. But because of its affordable price, it comes with limited benefits. For instance, it does not cover mental health or maternity leave. It also does not cover you for your pre-existing conditions.


Dental Plans

eHealth also offers affordable dental Medicare supplement plans. The lowest rate for this type of plan can be around $8.85 a month. But the plan coverage can vary from one carrier to another. Most plans will cover you for basic care, like fillings, dental exams, and x-rays.


Eye Care Medicare supplement plans

Vision Medicare supplement plans at eHealth can start at $6.99 a month. Your health plan may not cover eye care costs. That’s why if you wish to lower your out-of-pocket expenses related to your eye care, like eyeglasses and contact lenses, then you should consider getting vision Medicare supplement plans.


Affordable Care Act Medicare supplement plans

If you are qualified for an ACA plan, then eHealth can help you apply for it. eHealth ensures that your application will get in on time.


Health Savings Account Compatible Health Plans

With these plans, you can get tax-free interest on your savings account. They are typically cheaper than other plans.


Medicare and Medigap

Medicare health Medicare supplement plans plans will give you coverage for medical and hospital, as well as prescription drugs. These plans have copays and deductibles. To help you pay for these items, you may choose to have a Medigap or Medicare supplement plan.


You may also choose the standalone prescription drug program, called Medicare Part D plans that can give coverage for your medication costs. eHealth can guide you in finding the Medicare supplement plans plans perfect for your situation.


Small Business Coverage

You can browse for group health Medicare supplement plans for your employees if you own small business. There are a variety of insurers and coverage that you can browse through eHealth. But to register, you will need to enter at least one employee. Your small business plan requires you to contribute to your employee’s premium.


Businesses with more than 50 full-time employees are required to offer affable health Medicare supplement plans to their employees. This complies with the Affordable Care Act in 2016. Failure to follow this rule would mean paying a tax penalty.


The health of your employees will not affect the rates of your group health Medicare supplement plans, according to the Affordable Care Act. Furthermore, the overall cost of a group health issuance will dependent on the size and location of your business, as well as the age of your employees.


Group dental Medicare supplement plans

If you wish to provide your employees with a dental plan, then a variety of options await you. Many of the group dental plans would include regular checkups and free cleanings. You can easily purchase it form eHealth with no extra cost. Use this tool to help you compare a variety of dental plans from different insurers.


Group vision Medicare supplement plans

It pays for eye exams, ocular surgery and other medical care related to your eyes. You do not have to provide this to your employees. However, you will receive some tax incentives if you do so.


What is Critical Illness Medicare supplement plans

It is a type of plan that can further lower your out-of-pocket expenses. Typically, a regular health plan has several expenses that you need to pay on your own. With a critical illness Medicare supplement plans policy, you will receive a lump sum cash payment when you receive a diagnosis for a critical disease, like stroke, cancer, and heart attack. There are no copays or deductibles involved.


How About Telemedicine

There are times that you do not need to go to your doctor’s office to undergo checkups. Doctors can assist you with your healthcare provider in this method. By purchasing a telemedicine plan, you will receive healthcare service remotely at a lower rate. It is especially useful for the elderly or patients who have difficulty traveling.