Medicare Advantage Plans Are Really an Advantage

Medicare Advantage PlansAlthough you are not familiar with the term Medicare Advantage, you may know the following abbreviations and names which are actually Medicare Advantage policies: PFSP, HMO, MSNP, and PPO. For clarity, PFSP means Private Rate for Service Plans, HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization, and MSNP means Medicare Special Needs Plans, and PPO is for Preferred Service Organizations. The bottom line is this: all these initials mean flexibility to choose a health insurance plan that works for you. You will receive a health insurance card with the Advantage plan, as well as additional benefits and lower co-payments than those associated with the original Medicare plan. However, one of the restrictions here is that you can only see doctors who belong to the plan or use designated hospitals to receive services. Medicare now pays 14% more for enrollment in private Medicare Advantage plans than it would cost the same care in original Medicare. The final health reform bill brought these payments closer to the original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans must still provide coverage as good or better than the original Medicare, and Medicare supplement plans still cover the gaps in the original Medicare. Think you want an advantage plan? Find quotes from and save money.

The law prevents Medicare Advantage plans from covering more than the original Medicare for specific services. It also requires that Medicare Advantage plans spend at least 85% of taxpayer funds on medical services for members, instead of using that money for marketing or keeping it for profit. Members who see premium increases or benefit reductions in their Medicare Advantage plans can switch to another original plan or Medicare. Is there a better health insurance plan for everyone? I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s fair to try to give everyone a simple answer. There are many individual factors that influence your decision. You should determine your budget, lifestyle, current health status and, of course, the way you prefer to access health services. You should also know that your options vary by region. You may not be able to choose the same health plan that your cousin will be happy with if he lives in a different city or state. Even if you can enroll in the same plan, you may have a different price and benefits! Therefore, before you start determining which plan you should select, you must understand what you want from your coverage and how much you can budget. Find the following local plans to find out what you can access in your city.

What you don’t know about Medigap: Medicare supplement plans can cost you

Medicare supplement plans 2021As an independent agent, Medigap – Medicare Supplement Insurance and senior insurance specialist, I see the importance of accurate information everyday. Making the right decision depends entirely on obtaining knowledge and understanding of your options. Many of my clients have told me that their search for information has resulted in a flood of calls and emails from dozens of insurance agents, making them frustrated and even more confused. This can be so overwhelming that they simply give up, losing the opportunity to know an option that can improve their situation and save money. Medicare Part Prescription Policies are plans approved by Medicare offered by private insurance firms. They differ in terms of monthly premium, deductible and copayment. Each plan has a unique way. A formulary is a list of medications that the plan covers and where the specific drug fits the co-participation plans.

Many people who buy more expensive Medicare supplement plans 2021 with an extensive list of benefits never really use what they are paying. The Medicare A Supplemental Plan provides benefits for Medicare Part A covered hospital services and selects the covered medical services and Part B deductibles. To cover the coverage gap in Part A, hospitalization is addressed, the admission to a skilled nursing unit and palliative care. If you are not satisfied with your annual Part B deductible, you must pay approximately $907 for a hospital visit. As you can imagine, for those who are diagnosed with a major medical problem such as cancer or diabetes, they are likely to accumulate thousands of dollars in medical bills for a few weeks. Your lifelong savings may disappear overnight. If you don’t have a lot of money, you can buy Medicare supplement insurance to prevent such disasters. Medicare supplement plans 2021 are affordable.

With expert advice and the online quote engine at, you can easily know and understand all your options. It is essential to research everything and compare insurers in your area to see which offers the most competitive Medigap insurance rates you want. It is important to note that holders of existing Plan J policies that are not affected by the above will be subject to what is called a “closed commercial block”, which means that a new policy will not be offered after the date of January 1 eligibility. June There is considerable speculation that Plan J coverage rates will increase as a result of the above. While this makes sense to some, the impact on current policyholders has not yet been observed.

A Short Term Health Insurance Plan is a Necessity

A Short Term Health Insurance Plan is a Necessity

short term health insuranceWhat would happen if your spouse quit your job or the company stopped providing benefits? Probably the most obvious things you can see how much this group coverage is really costing you. Next time, check how much is deducted from your health insurance salary, especially for dependents. The group’s plans cost more money because, by law, they are called “guaranteed issuance.” This means that you can have serious medical conditions and still get coverage. Insurance companies must follow the law and know that they must accept everyone who works for a large company; therefore, they charge more money for coverage. The biggest problem is not the cost of group medical insurance; this is what happens if someone while in the group plan is diagnosed with a condition or starts taking prescription medications.

An important way to obtain ratings from these agencies, such as A.M best or Moody’s, is by using the best commercial department. Most employers capitalize on the health insurance plan to entice or even keep their best employees. Short Term Health insurance plans can be a personal or group scheme organized and sponsored by employers for employers who work from 20 to 29 hours per week.Companies do not add the cost of additional health insurance benefits to the price of their products and services. In recent decades, the cost of health insurance has increased tremendously, exceeding the general inflation rate in most of the past few years.In fact, we do not resort to indirect means to convey our message about health insurance. The whole issue here is genuine and to the point.

The private health insurance plan is a totally a free and unrestricted market; therefore, those who do not yet have a health insurance plan should consider signing up for one. Enroll in short term health insurance. For those who are looking for a good health insurance program, one can have one with the help of specific companies that specialize in providing medical insurance for individuals, as well as meeting their requirements and also within their budget.Is the cost of health insurance different if it is guaranteed by a broker? It is difficult to respond in general terms. A health insurance broker can include an individual in a group plan offered by the state or a union or organization, in which case an applicant may find that the rates are lower and the coverage is better than if he or she had tried submit an application directly through a health insurance company. Most health insurance brokers work on commission and only earn money compared to insurers and insured. This means that one party or another (and in some cases both parties) is generally responsible for paying the broker’s fee.

Some Useful Tips to Find The Best Motorcycle Insurance Company

Some Useful Tips to Find The Best Motorcycle Insurance Company

how much is motorcycle insuranceThe motorcycle is one of the most convenient and efficient vehicles today. It requires little maintenance and less fuel too. It is cheaper compared to the four wheel vehicle. It has a separate lane on the road so you do not need to face traffic congestion. Also, there are many vehicle crashes related to motorcycle use. In fact, there are also several reported crimes related to the motorcycle. This paved the way for motorcycle insurance. There are some places that do not require motorcycle insurance. However, if you live in the USA or Canada, motorcycle insurance is essential. Quotes and insurance coverage vary according to several factors. Find rates by clicking here.  Mainly, motorcycle insurance is expensive, however, there are things you can do to get cheap motorcycle insurance.

The next thing that arises is the motorcycle property coverage. Property damage coverage is worth it to repair another person’s vehicle that you are responsible for damaging in an accident. Keep in mind that someone else’s vehicle is not your motorcycle. If you are looking for property coverage on your bike, consider comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive payments replace or repair your motorcycle if it is stolen, destroyed or damaged in any way other than a collision. The collision pays your motorcycle repairs for damages caused by an accident. With regard to motorcycle insurance costs, comprehensive and collision coverage is not cheap which may cause you to ask how much is motorcycle insurance. In some cases, it is two thirds of the prize. Being without him is not something I recommend.

You should also consider a policy that offers maximum coverage, incorporating elements such as liability and medical coverage.However, there are numerous things to understand when looking for motorcycle insurance. They will be used by the insurance company you choose to determine the rate you must pay for the motorcycle.Save your discount without claims by avoiding making small claims on your policy. After a certain period of years, 4 or 5, you will generally have the option to pay an extra small fee to insure your unclaimed bonus. Now, this can be very useful if you subsequently have an accident.

The responsibility offered by the comprehensive motorcycle insurance package will include extensive coverage for you and the people involved in the accident.Not only accidents, the comprehensive plan cover other kinds of damage to property such as natural disasters, towing, theft, and even limited replacement of parts when necessary.The only drawback is that most insurance companies will not comply with their insurance if the accident or damage occurs outside the country. Nor do they cover mechanical failures.

Homeowners and the best insurance companies: what merits do they offer?

Homeowners and the best insurance companies: what merits do they offer?

Depending on the area you reside, you may need a distinct deduction for a given type of damage particularly if it is an area that is disaster-prone such as Midwest Plains or Coastal Florida. There are lots of good things about becoming a home owner. You can refurbish it and sell it, rent it out for income, or just live in it and never worry about renting it again. The disadvantage is that there is no insurance to consider. There are lots of insurance options depending on the type of home you own and where you live. What do the best insurance companies offer? When looking for homeowners insurance quotes, you should visit

The cost of having a new house built will probably be more than the value of the current house. Think also of the deductible. Do not select any company. When looking for the best insurance quotes for homeowners, read the reviews of each provider. There may be certain “extras” related to your present policy that you can easily let go. Start searching for other homeowners insurance quotes on the internet and compare them with them.Do you have smoke detectors working? If so, be sure to mention it when trying to obtain affordable housing insurance. Most insurers offer discounts for security features. Other safety features worth investing in include a latch and a burglar alarm.The efficiency of claims is very paramount. How fast are claims resolved after being processed? How long are you going to wait until the funds are disbursed? Look out for the financial ratings as well. You will only want to enroll for insurance from a firm that has an “A” Financial Stability Rating from organizations similar to Standard and Poor’s Insurance Ratings Services Demotech Inc.

With each year that passes the value of your home changes. Except you have made many remodeling and renovations, most of the time, the resale price will be less than what you paid for it. The implication is that if it is completely destroyed and you need to rebuild it from scratch, you will probably have to pay more for the new than the value of what was destroyed. These are other factors to consider when looking for affordable housing insurance. Some people are willing to take the risk, others are not. Is it really worth risking a homeless day to reduce insurance costs?

Affordable Health Medicare supplement plans: What are Your Options?

Affordable Health Medicare supplement plans: What are Your Options?


You can provide yourself and your family medical, dental and vision plans through Progressive Health by eHealth, which is a trusted provider. eHealth is a free help that can give you over 13,000 options from more than 180 carriers. The health coverage you can get is at a reasonable price.


Medicare supplement plans can offer peace. It ensures that your health care costs will be as affordable as possible. It can also protect yourself against financial loss. Just consider this fact: the average visit to the emergency room would cost around $5,000. Without Medicare supplement plans, do you think you can handle such amount? By having a healthcare plan, you can settle the medical bill without difficulty.


As an A+ Better Business Bureau, eHealth offers tools to help you get a better understanding of the plan you wish to obtain. When you purchase a plan through eHealth, it will not cost more than when you buy it directly from the plan’s provider.


Furthermore, eHealth recommends policies that are suitable to your budget and needs. In some states, this free tool can assist you in applying for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) tax credit form the government.


You can use eHealth to find answers about the Affordable Care Act, ways to apply for a government subsidy, the health coverage you need and comparing plan benefits and costs. eHealth can also give you answers to your concerns regarding the best time to enroll and the plans you are eligible for.


eHealth helps you compare plans and premiums in just a few clicks.


Individual Health Policy

It helps in paying you for the overall cost of health care, in case you encounter an illness or suffer an injury. Having an individual health plan will help you pay for a wide variety of healthcare services, like preventative care, medical emergencies and so on. But you need to pay for its monthly premium, as well as its corresponding deductible.


Family Medicare supplement plans

It is like an individual health plan. The only difference is that the coverage will include you, your partner and your children who are 26 years old or younger. You can provide health protection to them under the same plan as yours.


Short Term Health Policy

It is a popular option that you can get through eHealth. A short term plan is quite cheaper than most healthcare policies. But because of its affordable price, it comes with limited benefits. For instance, it does not cover mental health or maternity leave. It also does not cover you for your pre-existing conditions.


Dental Plans

eHealth also offers affordable dental Medicare supplement plans. The lowest rate for this type of plan can be around $8.85 a month. But the plan coverage can vary from one carrier to another. Most plans will cover you for basic care, like fillings, dental exams, and x-rays.


Eye Care Medicare supplement plans

Vision Medicare supplement plans at eHealth can start at $6.99 a month. Your health plan may not cover eye care costs. That’s why if you wish to lower your out-of-pocket expenses related to your eye care, like eyeglasses and contact lenses, then you should consider getting vision Medicare supplement plans.


Affordable Care Act Medicare supplement plans

If you are qualified for an ACA plan, then eHealth can help you apply for it. eHealth ensures that your application will get in on time.


Health Savings Account Compatible Health Plans

With these plans, you can get tax-free interest on your savings account. They are typically cheaper than other plans.


Medicare and Medigap

Medicare health Medicare supplement plans plans will give you coverage for medical and hospital, as well as prescription drugs. These plans have copays and deductibles. To help you pay for these items, you may choose to have a Medigap or Medicare supplement plan.


You may also choose the standalone prescription drug program, called Medicare Part D plans that can give coverage for your medication costs. eHealth can guide you in finding the Medicare supplement plans plans perfect for your situation.


Small Business Coverage

You can browse for group health Medicare supplement plans for your employees if you own small business. There are a variety of insurers and coverage that you can browse through eHealth. But to register, you will need to enter at least one employee. Your small business plan requires you to contribute to your employee’s premium.


Businesses with more than 50 full-time employees are required to offer affable health Medicare supplement plans to their employees. This complies with the Affordable Care Act in 2016. Failure to follow this rule would mean paying a tax penalty.


The health of your employees will not affect the rates of your group health Medicare supplement plans, according to the Affordable Care Act. Furthermore, the overall cost of a group health issuance will dependent on the size and location of your business, as well as the age of your employees.


Group dental Medicare supplement plans

If you wish to provide your employees with a dental plan, then a variety of options await you. Many of the group dental plans would include regular checkups and free cleanings. You can easily purchase it form eHealth with no extra cost. Use this tool to help you compare a variety of dental plans from different insurers.


Group vision Medicare supplement plans

It pays for eye exams, ocular surgery and other medical care related to your eyes. You do not have to provide this to your employees. However, you will receive some tax incentives if you do so.


What is Critical Illness Medicare supplement plans

It is a type of plan that can further lower your out-of-pocket expenses. Typically, a regular health plan has several expenses that you need to pay on your own. With a critical illness Medicare supplement plans policy, you will receive a lump sum cash payment when you receive a diagnosis for a critical disease, like stroke, cancer, and heart attack. There are no copays or deductibles involved.


How About Telemedicine

There are times that you do not need to go to your doctor’s office to undergo checkups. Doctors can assist you with your healthcare provider in this method. By purchasing a telemedicine plan, you will receive healthcare service remotely at a lower rate. It is especially useful for the elderly or patients who have difficulty traveling.

Humana Medicare Supplement plans in 2020

Humana Medicare Supplement plans in 2020


Medicare Supplement plans in 2020Humana Medicare Supplement plans in 2020 company offers individual insurance products, such as vision, health, and dental. It also provides other supplemental Medicare Supplement plans in 2020 policies.


The company has wellness programs that can help you achieve a healthier life. Its Humana Helps is a program that will give you a better understanding of the Affordable Care Act. It also offers a rewards program, known as HumanaVitality. It aims to encourage people to donate blood, exercise, stop smoking and undergo preventive screening.


The company is committed to enhancing the benefits of its customers but it ensures that it will keep the premium costs lower or more stable. It is also committed to offering more ways to care for its millions of members across the country by offering them new services and tools to better support their health.


It has various programs to address its members’ social and medical and physical needs. The overall goal of this program is to help its members achieve their best health.


Where It is Located

The company is situated in Louisville, Kentucky. In the US, it is the third-largest Medicare Supplement plans in 2020company. It serves over 13 million members. Its network consists of over 350,000 healthcare providers and over 3,000 clinics and hospitals. Since 1961, it has been in the healthcare industry. But its business started in the nursing home care industry.


Humana Medicare Supplement plans in 2020 Cost

Compared to other Medicare Supplement plans in 2020plans, Humana’s health insurance’s cost is lower than average. When choosing the right Humana health plan, make sure that you consider some factors that may affect the overall cost of the plan.


When purchasing a health plan, consider getting as many quotes as you can. As you obtain quotes, you will need to answer some basic questions, like your age, location and if you smoke.


As you age, your health problems also increase. Thus, the older you get, the higher your Medicare Supplement plans in 2020premium will be. The overall cost of Medicare Supplement plans in 2020may also vary from one state to another. Then, if you smoke, you will find that you will have a higher premium. The reason for this is that smoking causes several health abnormalities.


Just like other health plans, Humana’s Medicare Supplement plans in 2020policies are categorized into metal tiers. The tiers will represent how you and Humana will share your overall healthcare costs. The higher the metal level, the more expensive the premium will be.


You also need to purchase the plan you must buy. Humana offers HMOs and PPOs, as well as POSs and EPOs. Choosing one over the other will depend on your comfort level and how you balance the costs. In that case, you must choose between paying more upfront or you are willing to pay a higher deductible.


The easiest way to obtain your basic Medicare Supplement plans in 2020cost is to request as many quotes as you want. Once you have received those quotes, you can review your options and find out if you qualify for some subsidies.


What is the Best Humana Health Plan

The best Humana health plan will depend on your situation. You must first understand your medical needs. Take into account the healthcare that you currently need and the kind of care you need in the following year.


When evaluating your medical care needs, you must consider the average amount you will want to spend on your healthcare expenses per year. Then, consider the overall cost of drugs that you take regularly. Lastly, consider how much you can afford for a health plan. Check rates for your area and needs at


After getting an idea of the average amount you can spend on healthcare every year, you can start analyzing your options.


Understand the Types of Medicare Supplement plans in 2020 Available

When you decide on your health plan, you must understand the major types of health insurance.



It is a health maintenance organization plan that allows you to pick a primary care physician or PCP. But this physician has to be within your plan’s network. Your healthcare will be coordinated through the PCP. This doctor will be your main provider and he will refer you to a specialist whenever necessary.



The Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) policy offers flexibility in picking healthcare providers without having to pick a PCP. It has a network of healthcare providers. But you can choose your provider. However, if you wish to lower Medicare Supplement plans in 2020your overall health plan cost, consider choosing a provider within your plan’s network.


HMO is generally cheaper than PPO. The latter has a higher premium. However, you will have the flexibility to choose your own doctor without the need to ask for a referral from your primary care physician.


If you want to lower the overall cost of your healthcare, an HMO plan makes sense. It is also the better option for you if you do not mind choosing a PCP to help you manage your healthcare.


However, if you have a doctor and you wish to keep him, then a PPO is better. It is especially true if your current doctor does not belong to your plan’s network.


Request a Quote

After knowing your healthcare needs and understanding the major types of health insurance, you should start shopping for your plan. When you begin shopping for coverage, consider consulting a licensed agent first or use an insurance website. An agent can assist you in choosing the right plan that is ideal for you. You can also determine whether or not you can qualify for financial assistance.



Once you have determined the plan that satisfies your needs, it is time for you to send your application and enroll. But you can only enroll in a plan during an Open Enrollment period. Within this period, you can register for a new plan or renew your current plan. Different states have different dates when accepting an application.


Humana Medicare Supplement plans in 2020complies with federal laws. It also does not discriminate individuals based on race, color, and age, as well as disability, sex, and gender. You should also refer to your Benefit Plan Document to know whether the treatment you will receive will be covered by your policy.

How Does The Long-Term Care Law Affect Low-Priced Health?

How Does The Long-Term Care Law Affect Low-Priced Health?

Are long term medical care guaranteed by health coverage?

Long term medical care is not really guaranteed by typical medical policies. Medicare’s basic rewards, for example, guarantee only irregular or short-term care. If a policy member needs to spend many months or even years in a nursing care unit, they will use their Medicare rewards. Medicare Advantage supplements or policies generally reflect the rewards of the original policy. It is important to keep in mind that many people assume that their Medicare rewards will take care of this expense.Medicaid is another story. This federal and state policy for low-income citizens can guarantee long-term health care bills. Qualification rules differ by state and, in some cases, by individual circumstances. But it’s probably fair to say that most people will have to spend most of their savings to qualify.

Insurance license and errors and omissions: People must have a valid insurance license in the state in which they plan to do business. Many carriers also require you to have E and O insurance. There are several E and O operators. NAPA is usually well priced, which should be in the range of $500 to $600 a year.Medigap insurance supplement plans are special are to be selected based on the needs of the person. For instance, people who need help with copayments and deductibles for basic benefits want to choose the Medigap A plan for those items they help cover. This plan is attractive because it is the cheapest plan available and is accepted by all doctors who accept Medicare. The drawbacks come with each and every plan available. The main drawback of policy A is that it insures the basic requirements rather than elements such as long term insurance, vision care, skilled nursing, together with other important areas of spending but the good news is 2020 health insurance plans will be available soon

People who do not mind the doctor they visit and also want the comfort of having prescription insurance and medical attention in the same policy usually choose Medicare benefit plans. In general, they are much easier to handle in terms of documentation and the total cost to the customer is much lower than in a supplementary plan.On the other hand, you can still run out of money for some expenses, so it is certainly not a lifetime free trip. Because this is an extremely different program from standard medical humana health insurance, you should talk to your insurance agent or use the Internet to combine various programs. The valuable thing is to find out that the value of fees is very affordable and that is the reason why Medicare is capturing almost all fees.

Collection Motorcycle Insurance – The 6 Top Benefits Of Collection Motorcycle Insurance Companies

Collection Motorcycle Insurance – The 6 Top Benefits Of Collection Motorcycle Insurance Companies

People who own and drive collection Motorcycles have different needs for collection Motorcycle insurance than those who have for their Motorcycles that are driven every day. A collection Motorcycle is, by definition, “special”, so it has special considerations to consider when it comes to insurance. Your everyday insurance provider who insures the Motorcycle you drive to work is used to dealing with claims about modern Motorcycles that depreciate in value as they get older, and the average homeowner doesn’t realize the difference between a $ 2000 painting and a $ 10,000 painting. A company that specializes in letting you know how much is motorcycle insurance is and collectible auto insurance has several important benefits to offer the collectible Motorcycle owner.

Benefit no. # 1: Lower premiums: Typically, a collection Motorcycle is driven only limitedly, stored indoors, is not driven in bad weather, and usually leads a “well-maintained” life. Most classic allstate Motorcycle insurance companies are also somewhat selective as to who they will insure. These two factors allow the classic Motorcycle insurance company to receive much lower premiums than conventional insurers because they know that the Motorcycle’s automobile is less likely to have an accident.

Benefit # 2: Agreed Value Coverage: Most classic Motorcycle insurers offer an agreed value policy, which means you have an agreement with the insurance company about the value of your vehicle before it. Write the policy. If you suffer an accident for total theft or loss, an agreed policy value will pay back the full agreed amount when the policy began. Quite a few conventional insurance firms provide a genuine “agreed value” plan. They offer a “Stated Amount” or “Stated Value” policy that has an agreement that permits them to pay only for what they “believe” the vehicle was worth and assumes that their collection vehicle is reducing in value like a typical fairly used vehicle!

Benefit no. 3: Understand Your Needs: Collection Motorcycle insurance companies understand your needs better than a typical insurance provider because, in many cases, insurance agents and possibly even business owners are Motorcycle collectors or enthusiasts. They understand what your collection Motorcycle means to you and understand the importance of the Motorcycle being serviced correctly so that it retains its value. When they receive a complaint, they offer much less argument and more room to maneuver to fix your Motorcycle the right way the first time.

Benefit no. # 4: Workshop of choice: Many daily insurance companies pay only a flat fee for collision repair at a large workshop that does average work on modern Motorcycles. If you take your Motorcycle to a store that specializes in restoration, you may need to pay the bill for the cost difference.

The application period ends for Medicare beneficiaries whose plan has left the area

The application period ends for Medicare beneficiaries whose plan has left the area

Every year, Medicare prescription drug PDP or PDP and Aetna Medicare Advantage plans are modified here Such changes must get the approval from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). If such modifications do not get approval or if the firm decides that a particular plan they offer is not profitable, they will stop offering the plan for next year. When this happens, the company offering the plan must send a notice to all members currently enrolled in the plan to notify them that they will not be able to continue with the current plan for next year.

What are you doing now?

If you receive one of these warnings, don’t panic! I know that change is difficult, but sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise! First, you will have plenty of time to make changes to Medicare coverage. Second, it is always protected by the Medicare system. These protections include special assignments to allow you to switch to other Medicare coverage. You even get a SEP that allows you to enroll in a Medicare supplement without having to answer health questions! So, if your health has decreased, or if you only want additional protection from the Medicare supplement, you can now participate!

How much time do I have?

February marks the end of the CMS enrollment period for Medicare beneficiaries who have lost coverage due to their plan to leave the area. CMS will send a notice that it is granting the Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to people affected by non-renewals of Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D (PDP) or service area (SAR) reductions by the end of February. In the past, you only received until the end of January the necessary changes in your coverage. These notices are generally sent before November, which gives you more than four months to find a suitable replacement for your current coverage.

Do not confuse this Special Enrollment Period (SEP) with the Annual Enrollment Period (ADP)! ADP runs from January 1 through February 14 and only allows you to leave your current Medicare Advantage plan and get a PDP. Medicare Advantage plans are offered by companies such as Humana, United Healthcare, Wellcare and Health Springs. This enrollment period is for all Medicare beneficiaries and is not a SEP. For more information on this election period, visit my publication on the Annual Breakdown Period.